4 Reminders When You Shop for Wholesale Trees

You’re set on getting the garden you’ve always wanted. But before you start shopping for wholesale trees in Southampton, here are a few reminders to keep in mind:

Do a sketch

If you have a talent for drawing, then do a sketch of the garden—the flowers and trees—you want. It’s not only relaxing to imagine being able to sit out in the shade, it’s also going to give your contractor a solid lead once you hire one.

Know your goals

Are you planting those trees because you want greater privacy in your yard? Don’t want prying eyes looking in on you? Or maybe you love the autumn foliage, the way the leaves turn golden in the sun? Love certain types of fruits and you want to be able to simply stroll along your garden and pick them whenever you want? Find out what your reasons are and go from there.

Consider the limitations

How much space do you have? Is the property near overhead power lines? Then that’s going to restrict you to certain types of trees, ones that won’t grow too tall and risk getting entangled with power lines in the future. You might need to limit your options to small trees that grow to only about 10 to 30 feet tall or to medium trees that grow to about 30 to 60 feet tall, says Love to Know. Stay away from any trees that could grow taller than 60 feet.

Factor in care and maintenance

Factor in care and maintenance costs in the future when you choose wholesale trees in Southampton. Also consider the level of maintenance necessary and the time needed to pull the tasks off as well, especially if you plan on taking care of some of those tasks yourself. Does it fit well with your lifestyle? If that’s not the case, make sure to discuss this with a landscaping professional so you’ll have a better idea which trees will be a better fit for your needs and home.


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