4 Pointers Before Buying Performance Parts for Your Harley

When you’re scouting around for Harley Davidson performance parts, there’s only one thing on your mind: performance upgrades. Looking for parts that would boost your bike’s performance on the road must be taken with care and caution, says Kelly Blue Book. Given how expensive some of these could get, you’ll want to make sure you’re shelling out money for the right ones. Here are some great pointers to guide you along:

Consider engine upgrades

Installing a new engine into your bike, one that packs more power and punch, is going to set you back by a lot. But if you choose right, you could find deals and discounts along the way. Still, expect to shell out a bit more.

Change your transmission and brakes

Changing your transmission and braking system are another performance option to explore. Harley Davidson performance parts are an effective way to boost your ride’s driving power. However, both are on the list of expensive upgrades so you might want to consider your wallet before you go ahead.

Go for lighter wheels

Big, clumsy wheels aren’t great for your bike’s suspension. Trading them for lighter wheels can result in a noticeable change in your driving performance. However, that’s going to mean that your wheels will show signs of wear and tear that much faster. If you’re all right with that trade-off, though, then this is another option to add to your list.

Get a track bike

Don’t like the thought of crashing your bike? You’re not alone. You might want to get a track bike and outfit it with the right parts, though. A used one should be good enough for practice drives on the track. Even when you push yourself and your bike’s limits on the track, you won’t be afraid to crash it since it won’t be as expensive as your custom-outfitted Harley.


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