4 Most Appropriate Memorial Flowers for Arrangements

One of the best ways to honor a cherished loved one is with a flower arrangement. With any flower arrangements in Miami FL residents have delivered for a memorial service or an existing outdoor memorial, it’s important to include selections appropriate for the location and the person being remembered. Here are four flowers considered to be among the most appropriate choices for memorial arrangements.


Dating back more than 2,000 years, carnations have long-been a popular choice for memorial arrangements because they are colorful, durable, and elegant. Carnations last a long time, plus they can be easily blended with other flowers you may want to include in your arrangement.


“Mums” are universally associated with grief and remembrance around the world. So, not surprisingly, also work well in memorial flower arrangements. While white is the most common color used for arrangements, it’s perfectly fine to mix colors together for an arrangement with an assortment of appealing hues reflective of what you know your loved one would like.


True forget-me-not flowers (myosotis scorpioides) grow on tall, hairy stems. These blue flowers with the yellow middle can also be neatly trimmed and used in beautiful and appropriate memorial arrangements. If you want to add some color to this type of arrangement, roses are an excellent complementary flower for forget-me-nots.


Associated with strength of character, morality, and virtue, gladiolas can be a perfect fit for any memorial arrangement. Many people prefer to use more subdued shades with gladiolas used for remembrance purposes. Even so, vibrant colors can still be appropriate if you know that’s what your loved one preferred.

Some memorial flower arrangements in Miami FL residents have delivered will be used in outdoor memorials – e.g., plaques, statues, or personalized headstones – set up in a cemetery. If this is what you’ll be doing, check to see if there are any rules and regulations for flower arrangements. Restrictions usually apply to times of the year rather than specific types of flowers, but it never hurts to double-check before you choose your preferred arrangement.


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