4 Important Uses for a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a powerful cleaning tool that can eliminate germs, mold, fungus, dust and even mites. It uses heat to disinfect and sanitize nearly all household items. Since steam evaporates so quickly, it dries faster than when something is cleaned with water. It can also dissolve hard-to-remove substances like glue, chewing gum and wax. With no chemicals involved, steam cleaning is also safe for your family.

A variety of surfaces can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. Pittsburgh is home to providers offering steam cleaning to address various areas and items within a home, including the following:

Steam can remove stains from upholstery and even remove mites from mattresses, curtains and carpet. It’s a great way to both clean curtains and make sure that they have no creases.

Glass and Mirrors
Steam cleaners can be used to help avoid streaks on glass or mirrors. Use a window attachment to clean from top to bottom and use a towel below the surface to catch anything that might drip. It even works on dirty window cracks.

You’ll never see a boutique or fashion designer ironing clothes, because they recognize that steaming is the best way to get a garment perfectly seamless. It’s important to check the tag of the clothing first to make sure it can handle steam.

Gone are the days of dragging around a mop and bucket. Steam is excellent for cleaning grout and kills germs, mold and fungus. You can use the floor attachment and keep the machine moving to ensure the best results. However, it shouldn’t be used on unsealed hardwood, marble, limestone, concrete or paving stones.

Do not use one on paper, cardboard, delicate fabrics such as silk, waxed or polished items or walls that are covered in water-based paint. Remember that safety is key when using a steam cleaner since it can reach high temperatures. To make sure that you don’t get scalded or burned, wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

The best variations come with multiple attachments so that you can get the most use out of your steam cleaner.


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