4 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid When You Look for a General Contractor

Remodeling mistakes can cost you a lot. If you don’t want to spend the next few years pouring money into your property just to fix those mistakes, here are a few things you’ll want to watch out for:

Hiring someone unlicensed

A licensed, bonded and insured general contractor in Danville CA will always make for a wise choice, says the Lifehacker. It’s better for your wallet and peace of mind. If you get someone insured, you won’t be left holding the bag in case an accident happens onsite. Hiring someone licensed also means you get to work with someone who understands compliance regulations and building codes and has the credentials to take care of permits necessary.

Hiring someone without checking those references

Plenty of homeowners ask for a list of references then chuck that list into their drawers. You’re wasting valuable resource if you do that, though. Follow up instead. Call up those numbers and ask past clients about their experience with the contractor. Was it a positive one? Will they hire the same contractor the next time? Their answers could help you decide which contractors make the best fit for the job.

Hiring someone without an interview

Credentials and qualifications are all well and good. But these aren’t enough to base your hiring decision on. Don’t skip that interview. It could give you good insights into how the contractor’s thought process works, how the contractor approaches a problem and basically help you decide if you’ve found the right person for the job or not.

Hiring someone without getting a timeline

A timeline or project completion deadline is essential since it lets you know if the project is proceeding right on schedule or if the construction work is being delayed. If that’s the case, ask why. If your contractor can’t keep to the schedule, it might be better renegotiate terms or look for a better general contractor in Danville CA.


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