4 Common Signs of Brake Problems You’ll Want to Pay Attention To

Faulty brakes on the road can put your life at risk. Don’t slide behind the wheel if you think your brakes are compromised. Here are signs to watch out for. Contact a brake repair service center in Garland TX or bring your car to one as soon as you encounter the following:

Noisy brakes

If you hear screeching sounds whenever you step on the brakes, then that could mean that your brake pads are all worn out. The squealing sound is generated by the friction that comes from parts in the system rubbing together. Get your car to a service center to get those brake pads replaced right away. If you don’t, that could lead to worse problems in the future.

Vibrating pedal

If the pedal vibrates or pulsates when you step on it, then you might have a problem with your rotor and brake pads too. Get these problems fixed by heading over to a brake repair service center in Garland TX. Pick one with an excellent and trustworthy reputation so you have the assurance of knowing your car is in competent hands.

Delayed response

If it takes several minutes before the brakes kick in, even after you’ve repeatedly stepped on the pedal, that could mean problems with your brake pads again. It could also point to a deeper complication in your brake system. You’ll want to make sure you get this fixed as soon as possible since on the road, delayed braking responses can make a difference between staying safe and getting into a major accident.

Spongy pedal

If your pedals feel spongy, that could mean air has gotten into the lines. Don’t try to deal with a soft brake pedal on your own, though. Find an experienced auto technician to bleed your brakes and get the air out instead of attempting a DIY solution.


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