4 Can’t-Miss Things About Ford F-150 Palatine 2016

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Automotive


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The Ford F-150 Pickup is a king of sales in America that shouldn’t come as a surprise. For the last 34 years, this has been the best-selling vehicle of the country. Have a look at few important facts you probably never heard about this car before.

Equipped with Eco Boost Powertrains

The 3.5 liter and 2.7 liters Eco Boost V6 has been recently offered in the latest models of F-150. The most power dense and fuel efficient engines are available in all full-size pickups because of the Eco Boost Motors.

Cabs and Beds

The Super Crew, Super Cab and Regular Cab are three cab configurations being offered in this latest vehicle by Ford. This allows two to three more passengers by adding a pair of rear-hinged half doors. The rear-seat occupants get plenty of room for stretching out by replacing half doors with double full doors through the Super Crew.

Full Aluminum Body

With the introduction of new F-150, Ford shook up the field of utility vehicles last year. The complete aluminum body has been introduced in any vehicle of Ford for the first time. It was the first to break the mold as the rival trucks had begun to introduce mixed materials into their construction. There is no doubt that f-150 has quite attractive overall body and appearance.

Safety and Parking Systems

The manufacturers have added three systems to leave no stone unturned in providing protection to consumers. The drivers have found appropriately sized parallel parking spaces with the equipped Active Park Assist Technology. Another helpful feature to virtual project surrounding obstacle is the 360-degree camera system. You’ll also find it a great tool when off-roading on technical routes other than when navigating tight parking lots. Nowadays, one of the top priorities of buyers is the latest safety technologies in vehicles. You can even buy Ford f-150 in Palatine, IL.

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