3 Ways Nicotine Ejuice Helps Smokers Quit

Many smokers find it hard to quit. Nicotine replacement therapy is available to support their efforts. One way of using this therapy is to switch to e-cigarettes that use nicotine ejuice.

Many people seek support via stop smoking treatments when they want to give up cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes and the ejuice used in them offer several advantages.

Ejuice Does Not Contain Other Harmful Substances

Nicotine is the addictive part of a cigarette. Cigarettes have many other harmful toxins and substances in them. None of these is present in nicotine ejuice.

It means the individual attempting to quit should find it easier to do with ejuice than if they tried the cold turkey route to stopping smoking.

Ejuice Can Have Flavours Added

Many people enjoy using an ejuice with added flavour. People can choose from many varieties.

Some people like switching between them. It provides greater control over this type of nicotine replacement therapy. That sense of power makes a big difference to the potential outcome.

Nicotine Ejuice is Available in Different Strengths

When someone first quits smoking cigarettes, they’ll experience the most challenging time. It takes time to form a new habit. It is easier to do this when the individual uses ejuice at the same strength as their old cigarettes.

The availability of reduced strengths means they can also switch to a different ejuice with less nicotine in it in future. It can be done over time, depending on how the individual gets on.

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