3 Unique Ways to Ace Digital Marketing for Lawyers

In order to better target the clients that need your services, digital marketing for lawyers is a must for every law firm. Savvy firms understand that there are dozens of ways to tackle digital marketing, and not all are created equal. There are ways to attract clients that work better than others, and taking advantage of these options is something that all firms should do to improve their audience engagement. These three digital marketing techniques should be at the top of every law firm’s strategy for the future:

Using Video in Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Video is the fastest growing marketing trend online for every industry, every business, and every business professional. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to watch videos instead of reading text content, and studies show that viewers retain far more information from a video than any other type of message. Creating powerful marketing videos to use on social media, in emails, and on your blog is something that all lawyers should be investing in. These can be educational, event streams, or simple advertisements.

Mobile Advertising for Lawyers

More than half of all Internet users are accessing websites on mobile devices these days. If your website and advertisements are not designed to be responsive to all screen sizes, you are missing out on a key part of digital marketing for lawyers. There are many ways that you can capitalize on mobile devices for advertising – primarily because of their mobility. For example, geofencing is a type of advertising that is triggered by the GPS location of a mobile device. This can help to drastically improve local leads.

Consider Podcast Advertising as Well

Many industries are seeing big results with podcast advertising. Research shows that approximately 57 million Americans regularly listen to podcasts, and that number continues to grow every month. By advertising on podcasts relating to the type of law you practice, or podcasts focused on local news for your area, you can reach even more mobile users. And because podcasts have dedicated audiences, you will be reaching a very targeted group without any extra effort on your part.

These are just some of the ways that Forward Lawyer Marketing can help you devise a digital marketing strategy that works for your law firm. If you are interested in speaking with an experienced legal marketing consultant, contact them today by calling (000) 000-9687 to discuss your law firm’s needs.


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