3 Things to Look for in a Hand Dryer

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance


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There are a number of benefits to using an air dryer to dry your hands, but the best hand dryer has three things you may not see in other models. If you’re looking for a new model, consider these three things as you make your selection.

Time Savings

Studies show that many people gravitate towards paper towels when drying their hands because they feel it takes less time. But new technology has improved the drying time of the air dryer to be able to dry in around twelve seconds. In many cases that’s as long or less than the towel method. This twelve-second dry time means customers no longer have to stand and wait for their hands to dry when they’re in a hurry.

Energy Savings

Many people agree that the best hand dryer is the one that has an energy efficient design. New models can now run on as few as 950 watts; some can go at low as 300 watts, giving you an 80 to 90 percent savings on energy usage. Studies have also indicated that depending on the model type you could achieve up to a 98 percent cost savings.

Cost Savings

Money is another factor in choosing the right hand dryer. Many agree that the best dryers are those that can save you money. In most cases, these include energy efficient models and those with a very quick drying time. The combination of the two features means that even dryers located in high use areas are consuming less time and energy that a standard dryer, and that savings can be reflected in the bill.

As you can see the best hand dryer not only can save your customers drying time but can save you money and energy. When considering your next model, try looking for these three factors. With a little bit of time and comparison you can find the right hand dryer to meet your needs. Browse the website for more information.

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