3 Things To Check Before Calling Heating Repair Services In Suwanee

Even with the relatively mild winter temperatures in Suwanee, not having heat in the home can be a challenge. If you do come home or find out that your furnace or heat pump is not working, there are some simple checks you can make before calling the heating repair service.

Sometimes simple issues can result in a problem with a heat pump or furnace. By verifying these issues are not the cause of the problem, you can save yourself the cost of an unnecessary bill.

Check the Power

Always check to make sure there isn’t an issue with the power supply that is causing the problem with the furnace or heating system. This is a very common issue in heating repair calls if a breaker is tripped or a system plug become loose.

Check the breaker box for tripped breakers. If one or more are tripped, reset the breakers. If the breaker goes off again contact your heating repair service immediately and do not keep turning the breaker on.

Plugs can also become loose over time, particularly if they are bumped or brushed against. Pull the plug out of the outlet and replace it after turning off the breaker. Once the plug is back, in turn the breaker back on and check to see if the furnace or heat pump is working.

Check the Thermostat

Old styles of thermostats can be easy to check to verify if they have been moved and set to a cooler temperature. Programmable thermostats can also be reset by accident so check and make sure that they have not been changed.

Additionally, if using zone heating, verify that the program has not changed based on the settings for each zone. If part of the home is warm while other areas are cooler, it may be this setting issue rather than a furnace problem.

In Suwanee, your heating repair can assist you with issues from system problems to furnace or heat pump failure. Just check a few simple issues before calling to eliminate these potential sources of problems.


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