3 Things To Ask When Talking To Commercial Moving Companies In Broomfield CO

Moving a business office, a workplace, a retail outlet or even a healthcare facility or a government agency is much more complicated than a residential move. Working with highly experienced commercial moving companies in Broomfield CO is the only way to do this job and have the peace of mind it will be done correctly.

While many movers market themselves as commercial moving companies, there are not many with this as an area of specialization. Top companies will have crews, on-site move coordinators and managers and specialists on staff to come in and handle all of the pre-move support needed as well as the actual move itself. This all starts with an in-person meeting to allow the movers to understand the scope of the job.

Additionally, if the business is moving out of Broomfield CO or out of Texas, you will need to be every more specific about deadlines, move in dates and information to provide to the commercial moving companies when getting a quote and making a choice.

Insurance Protection

With a business move or a commercial move, there is an increased need for comprehensive insurance. Different companies may offer different options, including offering different insurance coverage to make sure all your equipment and items moved are fully protected and replacement value or repair is included in the estimate or the total cost bid.

References from Similar Businesses

The best commercial moving services in Broomfield CO will be proactive in offering references of other businesses they have moved. This information is important and take the time to follow up and make a phone call or send an email.

Keep in mind a moving business that handles a lot of commercial relocations will be able to provide you with recent customers. If the customers provided are from more than a few months ago, it could be a sign of only infrequent commercial moves or problems with the last clients.

Moving Crew Information

Any Broomfield CO-based commercial moving companies should be able to provide you with information on how they hire their staff. This includes if the background check their movers and if they provide any training for their staff regarding industry standards for security or privacy.

This last issue will be particularly important when secure information and records will be included in the move. Healthcare and related moves will also need to ensure the commercial moving companies are fully HIPPA compliant.


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