3 Thing To Look For In Short-Term Storage In Nashville

There are several good reasons why people in and around the Nashville area may need to use the services of a short term storage location. It is not uncommon for people to assume the only option are those self-storage facilities, but there are other choices that are well worth considering.

To help ensure all belongings and household possessions in a move or while the home is being renovated are kept in top condition, there are three different factors to look into for any facility.


There are two different levels of security to consider. The first one should be available in any type of warehouse or facility. This is the individual and locking vault option. This ensures each vault is safe and that items stored in the vault are away from items stored in the facility to prevent loss and theft concerns.

The second level of security is the building security. The best storage facilities are those that have constant camera monitoring of the building as well as security alarm systems. The best option for this level of security are warehouses operated by moving companies.


Make sure the facility has fire detection and fire suppression systems in place. These are not the same systems. Fire detection is the actual sensors and alarms, and the fire suppression systems are those that extinguish or suppress the fire if one occurs.


It is often difficult to find out about the reputation of many of the warehouses and storage facilities in Nashville. However, if you choose one operated by a national moving and relocation company, that information is readily available online.

Look for companies that can not only store your items, but that also offer packing, pickup, delivery, and unpacking, which means all you need to do is make a phone call to transfer items to and from your home.


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