3 Telltale Signs of Foundation Problems

With the extensive list of home maintenance and repair issues that arise, failing foundations seem to be overlooked the most. Many homeowners do not realize they even have problems with their foundations until it is too late. Here are 3 telltale warning signs of foundation failure that you should look out for regularly and even seek professional help from a general contractor to address.

Floors Should Never Sag

Sagging floors is not a normal sign of aging. Some people may walk on a sagging floor and just classify it as a typical sign of owning an old home. That is not the case at all. A sagging floor could be the byproduct of a failed foundation or at least a foundation with structural damage. Even if you notice that the walls are no longer touching the ceiling or the floor, you should consider hiring a professional expert to examine the condition of your foundation.

Hairline Cracks in the Support Underneath

Do not view hairline cracks on your foundation as normal cracks, such as the cracks you may have on your smartphone screen. Any type of crack in your underlying support can progressively expand in size, worsening the overall sturdiness and structure of your foundation. Regardless of the crack’s size or direction, hire a general contractor with expertise in this field to examine it for you to provide you with his or her professional diagnosis.

Windows and Doors Do Not Fit Properly

Have you noticed that your windows and doors no longer fit in place? Perhaps they are a little loose around the edges. On the other hand, they may be positioned too tightly as if something is jamming them into place. These are also telltale signs of a possible foundation issue. Do not hesitate to address this problem. Even if your affected doors have full mobility, you should still rectify the situation immediately before it worsens over time.


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