3 Reasons You Should Get More Life Insurance Coverage in Mesa, AZ

Even though your employer may offer you life insurance as a part of your benefits package, it can be a wise precaution to get a separate policy of your own. The primary reason is that you’ll likely lose that coverage if you leave your place of employment. Additionally, asking the best life insurance agents near Mesa AZ to help you get coverage of your own will help you experience the following benefits.

Protect Your Assets

When you pass away, your estate will go into probate, which ultimately means some of your assets will be liquidated to pay off your final debts and taxes. If you have specific assets that you want to ensure a spouse or child receives, you can protect those assets by getting enough life insurance to cover your probate costs.

Supplement Your Retirement

It’s all too common for retirees to find it necessary to get part-time jobs because they didn’t save enough for retirement. You can avoid this situation by getting a life insurance policy that provides annuities. The annuities will provide you with an additional stream of income once you reach retirement age.

Protect Your Spouse

If you pass away prematurely and without sufficient savings, you could be leaving your spouse in a bind. This is especially likely if you work in a field that raises your risks for sudden illness or accidental death. Talk to life insurance agents near Mesa AZ about getting additional coverage to ensure your spouse or minor children will be cared for after you’re gone.

When you’re ready to start or change a life insurance policy, contact Petersen Financial Services via their website at


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