3 Reasons Why Owners Install Wood Windows in Waukesha, Wisconsin Homes

There are still thousands of historic Wisconsin homes that include wood windows. Owners often love the authentic charm that wood provides. That is why many include new Wood Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin home improvement projects. Modern versions of classic wood windows retain the warmth of the originals while providing low maintenance, durability, and energy efficiency.

Wood Offers Timeless Appeal

Residents often install wood windows in Waukesha Wisconsin homes when they want to create or maintain a classic design. Wood is one of the most beautiful natural building materials available and adds instant warmth to buildings. Wood windows are often part of the original designs on historic homes and typically reflect other features such as hardwood flooring and indoor trim. Owners of modern properties also add wood when they want features that enhance a home’s charm, beauty, and interest. Wood never goes out of style and can be painted or stained to match any decorating style.

Wood Is Easy to Customize

Clients who are building or upgrading homes and want custom features often consult home improvement contractors to find more information about wood windows. Wood can be made into virtually any shape or style. Craftsmen can add scrollwork, carvings, no-fuss panels, or elegant crown mouldings. Wood is one of the easiest materials to change. If a homeowner gets tired of painted wood, they can always strip materials and restore the original beauty. Well-maintained and sealed wood windows are cost-effective, too. If homeowners choose energy-efficient glass, windows will dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs.

Wood Windows Are Easy to Maintain

There is a common belief that modern materials like aluminium and vinyl are easier to maintain than wood. However, well-sealed modern wood windows actually need little care to retain their good looks. Homeowners can wash them with mild soap and water. In its natural state, wood is susceptible to pests, but the sealants that manufacturers add will protect against insect and many other kinds of damage. Modern windows are designed to last for years with little maintenance.

Homeowners with modern houses as well as those who want to maintain the original charm of historic homes often choose wooden windows. Replacement wood windows provide timeless beauty and can be adapted to any decorating theme. Wood is easy to maintain and energy efficient.

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