3 Reasons to Repair Rather Than Replace Your Car After an Accident

One of the reasons why you have auto insurance is to help with the cost of repairs after an accident. Ideally, you won’t end up paying much out of pocket once the provider covers most of the cost of that auto repair in Phoenix, AZ. If there is some expense involved, would you be better off letting the car go and investing in a replacement? If any of the following three reasons apply, the answer is most likely no.

The Frame Is Still in Great Shape

There is quite a bit of damage, but none of it involves the frame. That’s good news since it means you won’t have to worry about all the issues that can develop even after a frame is repaired. You already know that most of the damage can be repaired using compatible used or refurbished parts.

Why not go ahead and authorize the work? Even if you have to pay a little out of pocket, the cost will be much less than replacing the vehicle. Those repairs will also ensure you can use the car for several more years.

Now is not the best time to think about buying a new car. While the money from the insurance company would pay off the loan on the damaged one, you still have other debts that you want to retire before investing in another vehicle. Since the insurance company will pay for all or most of the work, go ahead and authorize the auto repair in Phoenix, AZ. That provides you with more time to pay off other financial obligations and save up money for a down payment on a new car down the road.

While it would be more practical to let the car go, you’re emotionally attached to it. Maybe it’s a classic that your parents passed along to you. Perhaps you went on a first date with your spouse in that car. If you have strong feelings about keeping it and can afford to have the work done, go right ahead and set up the auto repair in Phoenix, AZ.

Should you repair your car after an auto accident? At Dynasty Collision, we can help you make the decision. Drop by today or visit to learn more about our services or to arrange for an evaluation and quote.


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