3 Reasons to Generate Hypochlorite Onsite

We all need clean water. The average consumer might think nothing of the glass of water they just poured themselves. But if you work in any one of the numerous industries that have to purify large quantities of water, necessity has made you aware of the complex chemical processes and technology that produced that glass of clean water. One of the questions that anyone treating water must answer is, how are you going to obtain the chemicals necessary for water chlorination? Here are three reasons to consider generating your hypochlorite onsite, instead of purchasing it beforehand.

Lower cost over time

Many people find the initial expense of installing an onsite system to be too daunting. But it would be a mistake to let the initial capital cost scare you off without considering the long-term effects on your budgetary bottom-line. As reported by the Water and Wastes Digest, the overall costs of onsite hypochlorite systems are lower versus conventional technologies.

Onsite hypochlorite does not degrade before use

When you purchase hypochlorite elsewhere and then transport it to your treatment site, the hypochlorite does not degrade before it is used to chlorinate your water. Therefore, the hypochlorite’s strength is not reduced, making for an overall more efficient and cost-effective process.

Simplifies your chlorination procedures

Onsite hypochlorite generation will simplify your water disinfection procedures in several ways. With onsite generation, there is no need for storing or handling hazardous materials. It also reduces the number of chemical byproducts from chlorination and cuts down your dependency on chemical suppliers.

Onsite hypochlorite systems can save you money and reduce your headaches from dealing with an expensive and complicated water treatment process. Once you’ve considered the many advantages of onsite hypochlorite generation, you’ll find it hard to accept the unnecessary cost and hassle of purchased hypochlorite instead.


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