When you visit your new primary care doctor in San Diego, it might feel overwhelming. This will be your first time meeting the doctor and bringing them up-to-date with your medical history can be difficult, especially when the time your doctor will spend with you is limited. Here are a few preparations you can make in advance to make things much simpler for your appointment.

Gather Necessary Paperwork

If you have had multiple tests done, call the offices where each one took place and have your medical records mailed to your address before the appointment or faxed to the office of your primary care doctor in San Diego. To expedite the process, you can also go to the office to retrieve your records. This will help your doctor determine the underlying reason for your illness more quickly.

Make Note of Your Symptoms

You can expect your primary care physician in San Diego will question you about your symptoms. This is among the questions your doctor will go over during your appointment. It can be difficult to run down each symptom without a good set of notes. The more detail you give, the higher the likelihood your doctor can identify possible causes and conditions.

Bring Your Current Medications

Your doctor will want to know the list of medications you are currently taking. If you take multiple medications, it might be difficult to remember the names of each one. Bring the bottles with you so the doctor can see medication names, amounts and frequency. This will allow you to receive refills on the prescriptions at a pharmacy near you.

Prepare for your primary care doctor’s appointment in San Diego and find other qualified specialists and urgent care resources by visiting the Children’s Physicians Medical Group website.

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