3 Common Problems with Garbage Disposals

Why is my disposal not working when I turn it on?

Is there any power to your disposal? If you’re able to test that, do this first. Check the circuit breakers or fuse-box. If you have any power, search the disposer unit’s bottom. There is a tiny red button on many disposers, situated under the model or close to the bottom referred to as a reset button. If the switch is popped out, the overload to the disposal motor has gotten overly hot. Usually this only happens if there’s a jam and leave the disposal turned on for an extended period of time. Clear the jam and reset its overload safety by pressing on the red button. You might hear a clicking sound while pushing the reset button, that is normal. If it pops out again while turning the disposal on, it’s potentially jammed. If there’s power to the motor, and it still will not turn, plus there isn’t any sound whatsoever from it, the motor probably is worn out. Your best action is to simply replace your disposal.

Why do garbage disposals jam?

The disposal might jam if specific foods or additional things are introduced. Food sources such as avocado leaves, corn husks, or additional high fiber veggie, or even utensils, bones, and glass include instances of what might jam a disposal. Most garbage disposals will have a tiny socket hole within the bottom center, under the motor. It permits users to insert a quarter-inch Allen wrench inside it and allows you to turn the masher plate within the disposal. Usually, it’ll free all jams.

Why would my disposal leak?

First, check your drain connections. If a leak is deriving from your drain pipe, you may replace your rubber gasket. If it’s a new installation, look at the ring close to the sink flange and be certain that it’s tight. Some seals in between the disposal and sink are available, yet if a leak is deriving from the disposal’s body, you’ll need to replace your garbage disposal.

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