2 Types Of X-Ray Tubes And A Company In Santa Cruz That Manufactures Them

X-rays have provided modern medicine powerful insights into a world that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Since its invention, several types of x-rays have been created for specific purposes. When you hear the word x-ray you may automatically associate it with your visit to the hospital or doctor’s office. However, there are other types of x-rays that go far beyond just using it to view parts of the body. Outside the healthcare sector, x-rays are also in other industries like automotive, energy, electronics, and more. Here are 2 types of x-ray tube manufactures and their capabilities.

Micro Focus X-ray Tube

A micro focus x-ray can cover different applications and offers high-resolution analysis. It is specifically designed to provide very small feature recognition. It may provide a focal spot of 6 ?m with a voltage range of 20-100 kV. This particular X-ray is best suited when analyzing dense metallic materials.

Silicon Encapsulated X-ray Tube

Another type of x-ray used in various industries is silicon encapsulated X-rays. These X-rays are typically used in applications that require in-situ thickness gauging of materials like plastics and papers. It may provide its users with a focal spot of 1000 ?m with a voltage range of 4-30 kV.

Top Quality

You may now be wondering where you or your company can acquire these types of specialized x-rays and are now searching for x ray tube manufacturers. Contact Micro X-Ray Inc. They are a company that designs and manufactures small focus x-ray tubes for various applications. So, when looking for expert x ray tube manufacturers, they are the ones you should turn to. Call or visit our website today.


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