2 Common Myths About Public Cloud Services

It can be very difficult to discern factual information from myths and misrepresentations about all types of technology. Although the public cloud has been around and in use for decades, this technology is often misrepresented and misunderstood, and these myths may prevent business owners from taking advantage of the benefits offered by public cloud services.

Recognized the myths and understanding the truth about the security and safety offered through public cloud services helps a business of any size and across any industry to take advantage of increased performance, productivity, and scalability of their use of technology.

Myth: Public Clouds are Not Secure

Perhaps it is the use of the “public” that creates this misunderstanding about the security of the public cloud. In reality, the public cloud simply means there are multiple tenants using the cloud from all areas of the world. However, this is not the same as shared hosting, where limited resources are distributed among all users.

The limitless resources available through shared resources in the cloud make public cloud services ideal for most companies. They can instantly scale and expand to accommodate processing and storage needs.

Myth: Businesses Lose Control of Data in the Cloud

This is a myth, as in reality, the use of multiple servers and redundancy means that a company always has backup should one server fail. Also, Disaster Recovery as a Service is offered by the top cloud providers.

While there is the possibility of a private or a hybrid cloud, most companies find that the public cloud offers the security, resources, and capacity needed to operate their technology effectively.

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