2 Benefits Of Having Your Volkswagen Serviced At An Independent Service Center in Denver

Your Volkswagen has been with you through thick and thin. Through the years it has helped create fond memories of times from when you landed your first job at the pizzeria to life-changing moments heading to college to begin a new chapter in your life. The new year has begun and now you are looking to get a new modern Volkswagen while still holding on to the vintage one you have. Today, we will talk about 2 benefits of having your Volkswagen serviced by an independent service center versus a dealership.


One of the main reasons why many turn to independent service centers rather than dealerships to have their Volkswagen serviced is cost. Often times, parts and services offered by dealerships are significantly more expensive than independent service centers. When you purchase products and services from a dealership, you are paying for the bells and whistles like the “free” pastries and beverages dealerships sometimes provide to their customers, and not just for the parts and labor for your vehicle. So using an independent service center to have your vehicle serviced benefits you because you are paying for what you need, which is the parts and labor for your vehicle and nothing extra.

Customer Service

Another benefit of using an independent service center is customer service. Dealerships deal with an enormous amount of customers every day, so it is no wonder you can get lost in the crowd. This means even if a dealership assigns a service manager to you, it doesn’t mean that you get one-on-one time to ask specific questions. This also means dealerships want you to get in and out so they can service as many customers as possible. So use an independent service center instead, so you can get top-quality customer service without feeling lost in the crowd.

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