Why You Need to Wear Perfect Fitting Law Enforcement Tactical Gear

A recent study of how 25 various professional uniforms evoke feelings in people revealed that police uniforms usually induce the feeling of safety. But will you have that feeling of safety if you see a police officer wearing shabby and ill-fitting law enforcement tactical gear?

The Importance of a Perfect Fitting Police Uniform
When you encounter someone whom you do not know from Adam, you would immediately seek clues that will somehow tell you what kind of person they are. And the very first thing you will see is the clothes he or she wears.

Clothing is the fastest way you can identify a person’s sex, occupation, status and authority. Seeing a person wearing a police uniform easily identifies him or her as a police officer. Therefore, it is vital for a police officer to wear law enforcement tactical gear that is perfectly fitted, neat and clean.

On the other hand, if a police officer wears an unkempt uniform while patrolling the streets, it will be difficult for him or her to elicit respect from the people he meets.

Police Uniform’s Effect on Criminals
Another important reason why clean and perfect fitting police uniforms are important is their effect on criminals. Petty criminals will curb their desire to do their nefarious activities when they see a neatly dressed policeman patrolling the neighborhood. They will readily assume that he or she is an upstanding police officer that is out to catch his ilk.

A police uniform conveys power and authority especially if it is crisp and clean. It does something to the person wearing it. The police officer becomes more than what he really is. For instance, if the person is intrinsically shy and timid, he acquires a certain aura of confidence and strength once he or she wears a police uniform.

Interesting Note
The aforementioned study also revealed that the degree of the perceived level of authority of police officers drops acutely once they wear their street clothes. This shows the important impact of a police uniform in people’s minds. Are you now convinced of the importance of wearing crisp and neat law enforcement tactical gear?


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