Why Metal Roofing In Mobile AL Is The New Norm

Roofs everywhere take the brunt of the elements. They are overheated from the scorching sun, take a beating during thunderstorms, and deal with high winds throughout their lifetime. A roof should be considered an investment in an investment. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your business, so it makes sense that the roof protects what’s inside. Metal roofing in Mobile, AL can ensure that your business is safe from the many natural elements in the area.

No Pollution/Chemicals

Asphalt-based products, such as shingles, are soaked in a variety of chemicals to keep them water-resistant for extended periods. However, when it rains, those chemicals are absorbed into the water and, subsequently, the ground.


Traditional shingles and other roof materials need a lot of maintenance to keep them looking their best. Upkeep with cleaning and repair and still the need to replace them every ten or so years. With a metal roof in Mobile, AL it can last up to 50 years and doesn’t need much more than a hosing down every few months.


While metals are designed to last for decades, you may still find that you need to reroof your building at some point. With steel, you don’t have to tear off the old product or waste resources. In some cases, the new metals can be laid right over the old. In others, you can remove the old steel and recycle it, creating new steel that can be used for the new roof.

Metal roofing in Mobile,AL is one of the best options and is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and commercial property owners. Visit Mosley Building Systems to learn more about their services and the products they support.


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