Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to go green in order to help improve the environment and reduce the amount of waste they produce. From lowering emissions to installing solar panels, there are many ways to reduce a businesses’ carbon footprint without sacrificing profits. One way for a company to go green without spending a lot of time or money is to install a fast drying hand dryer in its bathrooms and kitchens. Large or small, there are several enterprises that could reap the benefits of these sanitary and convenient hand dryers.

Clean hands are a must for the employees of any restaurant, and installing a fast-drying hand dryer in the employee bathroom can make the process more efficient so employees can get back to their jobs faster. These dryers typically dry the hands more thoroughly as well and eliminate moisture on the hands that may encourage the growth of bacteria. This means cleaner, drier hands for those who handle food prep, which may reduce the spread of germs to customers and other employees.

Some businesses must find ways to stop the spread of cold and flu viruses on a daily basis as a part of their operating plan, particularly daycare and babysitting facilities. Not only do employees need to wash their hands often as they handle food, change diapers, wipe runny noses and touch bacteria-filled surfaces, they also need to teach children good hand washing habits as well. Installing a fast drying hand dryer in a daycare bathroom will allow children and employees to wash and dry their hands quickly and reduce wastefulness that results from using too many disposable hand towels, something that small children tend to do.

Entrepreneurs who own a small business may also benefit from installing a fast drying hand dryer in their guest bathrooms. Small businesses, such as styling salons, can save money by eliminating paper waste and the expense of stocking the bathroom with disposable towels while offering their guests a convenient and swift alternative for drying their hands. Employees will also be able to wash and dry their hands more efficiently, which may lead to better hand washing habits after sweeping up hair and cleaning wiping down styling stations.

A fast drying hand dryer may benefit any business, large or small, in a number of ways. However, because no two companies are the same, their owners should carefully consider which model of fast drying hand dryer would best suit their needs and goals.

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