When To Call Animal Control In Fairfax, VA

Many homeowners, especially those who are removed from the heart of the city, will encounter a rodent or wild animal at least once in their lives. Depending on the animal or the individual, it can be a harrowing experience. Many rodents and other creatures one comes across on their own property will need to be removed in order for you to continue safely enjoying your home. In other cases, the problem may not require immediate professional attention. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind on when to call animal control in Fairfax, VA, to keep in mind.

#1: If The Animal Has Bitten Someone Or Looks Violent

If you encounter an animal, whether it be wild or domesticated, that has bitten another person or animal, it’s important to make the call right way. Animal control will then be able to determine the best course of action. If an animal hasn’t bitten anyone, but looks violent, it’s also a wise choice to give animal control a call. Be sure to get yourself and others to safety without provoking the animal before making the call.

#2: Persistent Issues

If you find that the same animal related issue continues to occur, it might be time to give animal control a call. For example, if you find that you still have mice in your home despite using traps, animal control may be able to identify a greater issue that, once fixed, will ensure the mice don’t return. In other cases the same individual animal or family of animals may be giving you trouble or causing damage to your property. Again, animal control will be able to come on site and help you deal with these issues.

#3: You Need Information

Animal control departments can also provide a ton of information about animals and pet related concerns. For example, you can call animal control if you are worried about your own pet’s health following an interaction with another animal, or if you have concerns about a pet in the area.


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