What To Consider Before Selecting A Therapist In Boulder

Anyone at any time in life may find they need assistance in reaching their personal goals, ending harmful or negative behaviors or in making important changes in their life. In Boulder, as in other areas, adults and teens often turn to a professional therapist to help.

Finding the right therapist will be critical. The client must feel comfortable in sharing very personal and private information and in working with the professional on issues that may be difficult to talk about.

Top therapists have an ability to build rapport quickly and to open up the lines of communication with their clients. This is essential for any type of comfort level for the client and it will vary from individual to individual.

Life Experience and Training

The life experience and training of a counselor, coach or therapist will always be critical for a potential client to consider. By choosing a professional with the same areas of interest and the specific treatment philosophy or treatment methods that are comfortable for the client there is a natural match that occurs to add to the comfort level.

Additionally, by matching life experience and training with the specific reason the client is seeking the support of a coach, mentor or counselor there is more experience that will come to play during the sessions. This becomes more personal and insightful with the professional providing real world support in a way that is not possible without this balance.


Some therapies are designed to be more “talk therapy” types of treatments. There are also more action-based types of options such as coaching or mentoring in combination with therapy.

Most clients in Boulder, particularly teens and young adults, will find the mentoring or coaching option appealing. This is a more active and engaged treatment where specific goals are met and personal goals achieved as a way to continually provide motivation and encouragement.


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