Trucking Companies in Iowa are Hiring

Do you enjoy the open road? Americans’ love of driving and the freedom associated with the open road is deeply rooted in our way of life. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which called for the building of U.S. Interstates and highways to connect the states, cities and towns across America. It’s that admiration for the open road and freedom that continues to speak to men and women. That, coupled with the fact that many purchases made by consumers have spent time on the Interstate Highway System, fuels the demand for qualified, licensed truck drivers.

Types of Truck Driving Opportunities

U.S. truckload carriers provide drivers with different fleet options. Trailers carry dry products, refrigerated and hazardous materials. There are regional, short haulers and local delivery assignments along with over-the-road (OTR), long-distance haulers. The automotive industry manufacturers late model equipment with mobile communication, GPS routing, and drive dash camcorders. Trucking companies in Iowa with 48 state authority are hiring drivers for OTR, short and regional hauls.

Performance-Based Pay

The demand for commercial driver license (CDL) truck drivers continues. Trucking companies in Iowa keep up with the demand by investing in their drivers with performance-based pay, drive cam rewards, and medical benefits. Traditional truckload carriers pay top rate for drivers with years of experience. Performance based pay levels the playing field. A driver with two years of experience could be at the top of the pay scale after 90 days on the job.

Where Do I Apply?

As with any regulated industry, the federal and state government places strict requirements to qualify as a CDL truck driver. You need to be 21 and have a clean driving record. Be prepared to attend and pay for truck driving school. There are accelerated programs that can take 30 days to complete. You will be required to pass your state’s commercial driver’s license exam.

Is the open road calling you? CDL drivers have the opportunity to answer the call while seeing many U.S. cities, urban centers and country vistas. Even better news, the demand for U.S. products guarantee their job security for years to come.


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