Tips for Packing Antiques When Hiring Home Movers in Charlotte NC

People move to new homes for various reasons; some accept new job positions in other areas and decide to move there while others simply want to be closer to family or friends. Whatever the reason, one common thread exists among homeowners: Moving can be a very strenuous task, especially when valuable antiques are involved. Several tips can help you move even your most valuable and fragile possessions with the assistance of home movers in Charlotte NC.

Cleaning Antiques

Before your home’s items are packed, it may behoove you to check your antique items to see if any of them need to be cleaned. Your local antique dealer, hardware store or furniture store may offer cleaning products designed specifically for fine furniture. Don’t use a wax or oil product on your wood furnishings right before your move date, especially if you will be keeping these items in a storage facility. Some products may end up softening a furniture piece’s finish, thus making it more susceptible to being imprinted by furniture pads. If you are not sure about how to care for a certain antique piece, a historical society in your local area may provide some helpful tips.

Packing Antiques

Either you or an appointed representative should be on hand during both your packing and your moving days when you are working with professional home movers. Charlotte NC, home movers need to be able to talk to you or your representative to determine which items may require special handling. Having you present is also helpful in that van operators and packers can easily ask you any questions that crop up during the moving process. Note that most heavy and large furniture pieces will be wrapped using thick pads, which will keep them safeguarded while they are in transit.

Unloading Antiques

Once you have reached your new home, be sure to check your antique and household item inventory before you sign your receipt. Home movers may also be able to service or reassemble any items delivered to your new residence. If one of your belongings is damaged during the move, your moving company should be able to help you properly file a claim. Properly preparing for a move will allow you to continue enjoying your delicate items and antiques in the years ahead.


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