Three Things to Consider When Purchasing Garage Door Openers in Bonita Springs

The garage door in your home is designed to make it easy for you to keep your car safe and gain access to your home. If you have an opener that is older, you should replace it so you aren’t left without the ability to access your garage and keep your vehicles out of the elements. If you think choosing a garage door opener is easy, think again. The following are just a few of the many things to consider when you replace yours with a newer unit. The more options that garage door openers in Bonita Springs the more expensive they will be, but it can ensure that you get an opener that will better fit your needs.

Safety Features and Automatic Options

While garage door openers are relatively safe, many manufacturers are adding features that will keep yourself and your family free from harm should an accident happen or they malfunction. Most now come with the ability to sense when something is blocking the door, and will automatically open at the presence of tension when closing. This can help keep your dogs and children safe and free from injury should they become trapped in the path of a closing door.

Opener Motor Size

The larger the motor your garage door opener has, the quicker it will be able to open and close. A larger motor doesn’t have to work as hard, so it may also last longer and provide you with years of worry free service. Take the size of your door into consideration so you purchase garage door openers in Bonita Springs that will be able to handle its weight.

Type of Drive Train

Garage door openers come equipped with either a chain or belt drive system. While chain systems are more common, they are nosier than a belt drive system. If your openers is mounted to a ceiling that is below one of your floors, you can reduce the amount of noise you hear during operating by opting for a belt driven motor.

It’s important to keep your garage door opener in good operating condition. If you are having trouble with your garage door, let the experts at Garage Doors By Roy North Inc. replace or repair it for you so you know you will always have a way to enter your home and keep your vehicles protected. Call them today for your free quote and get your garage door operational again.



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