The History of High School Class Rings

Jewelry has been known to have sentimental value. One of the types of jewelry that holds the most sentimental value are rings. Whether it is a wedding, engagement, or class ring. This is why women love getting spoiled with jewelry. When it comes down to your high school ring, there is plenty of meaning behind it. A ring is not just something that you put on your finger, it is something that has meaning to it. Class rings are a symbol of achievement, they are a sign showing the achievement of graduation and of what is to come. Click here for more information.

Originally, class rings began in 1835 at the United States Military Academy at West Point. They have been a tradition in a numerous amount of high schools since it began in 1835. Plenty of high schools also offer the ring ceremony. The ring ceremony is an event that high schools hold in which they give each student their rings in front of everyone including their families.

However, not every high school offers class rings. Because some high schools do not offer them, parents buy their childrens class rings through other companies. But, for the high schools that do offer class rings, they make it optional for the students to buy on their own. These rings create a meaning for these students. It allows them to feel proud of their accomplishment of making it through their high school years. These rings have become a welcoming for them into the world of adulthood, a new journey for them. It is a sign of their maturing, and that they will be learning from their mistakes.

To some people, a ring may just be a ring. But for others it is much more than just a ring. Of course, there are those few students who think its dumb to have high school rings. But to other students, the ring is a satisfaction to them knowing that their hard work led up to that moment. It offers them a fulfillment knowing that now they will be beginning a new stage in their lives. It is a stage of independence, and maturity that they will journey through on their own. Contact J. Jenkins Sons Company for more information.


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