Signs Of Top Insulation Contractors In Saint Paul

In and around Saint Paul, having the correct type of attic insulation is essential in keeping a home comfortable year-round. While many people associate insulation simply with keeping heat in the home over the winter months, it is also essential for temperature control in the home in the heat of the summer as well.

For new home construction or for older homes where insulation may no longer be providing the R-value required for home heating and cooling, hiring the right insulation contractors is an important first step.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the offers, recommendations, and options to consider. Taking the time to get to understand the best type of insulation for your home and some background on the insulation contractors.

Spray Foam

Most homes, both new and existing, will benefit from the application of spray foam in the attic. This is typically applied to the inside of the roof, just under the waterproof barrier. This is known as a hot roof installation.

There is also the option to apply the spray foam above the ceiling in the attic. The choice of the specific type and location of spray foam insulation should be a factor in the requirements of the home as well as any current insulation in place.

Ability to Complete an Evaluation

The best contractors will also take the time to evaluate any current insulation in place, which is always the case in existing homes. By testing to see where heat loss is occurring in the attic, they can develop the most effective and most efficient insulation application possible.

It is critical for homeowners in the Saint Paul area to avoid being too focused on pricing and package deals. The best insulation contractors will be highly competitive, and they will offer better quality insulation and application than the cheap, low-cost installers.


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