Services Offered by Cosmetic Dentistry in Clayton

Many people have concerns about the appearance of their teeth and the mouth in general. Issues such as stained teeth, misaligned teeth and missing teeth can lead to serious self-esteem issues. The good news is that with the new cosmetic dental procedures, it is possible to treat almost all of the problems. Here are a few of the services offered by experts in cosmetic dentistry in Clayton.

Teeth whitening

There are many things that lead to teeth staining. These include:

1. Poor diet
2. Poor dental hygiene
3. Taking ingesting products that contain too much fluoride
4. Smoking

When the teeth are stained, talking in public becomes a very difficult task. A dentist makes use of peroxide based bleaches to deal with the stains. In case the stains are intrinsic as is the case with decayed teeth, the dental health care experts will use a combination of bleaches and white light to remove the stains.

Dental implants

Having missing teeth is not one of the most becoming looks. Dental implants at cosmetic dentistry in Clayton are simply titanium screws that are attached to the jawbone to act like roots. The process of getting implants can last about six months. After the initial surgery where the roots are attached to the jawbone, the gum tissue is sutured, leaving time for healing. The stump and crown are attached later.


There are times when problems such as cracked and fractured teeth ruin the appearance of a person. The best way to fix this problem is by getting dental veneers. Veneers are shells that are made of either porcelain or resin and attached to the surface of the teeth. This is done after ½ a mm of the tooth is shaved off. The shells are attached using dental cement and special light beams. The result is teeth that look flawless.


Crooked and misaligned teeth are another common dental problem. Invisalign makes use of aligner trays that are colorless to the naked eye to gently push the misaligned teeth back into position. The process takes a few months, but the results are achieved faster than when you make use of braces.

These are some of the procedures that Forest Park Dental in Clayton has on offer. Cosmetic Dentistry at Forest Park Dental of Clayton has solutions for most of your teeth issues. Contact dentist at Forest Park Dental to have all your dental anomalies fixed.


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