Security guards provide much-needed protection for employees, customers, residents and properties. They patrol facilities to ensure everyone’s safety within. They respond to, and provide assistance during, emergency situations.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in the security industry, here are a few things to note:


Proper requirements

Security guards need to comply with registration requirements if they want to be eligible for the position. Aside from a criminal background check to ensure the individual is fit for duty, applicants must also have sufficient training, says the Department of Consumer Affairs. Once hired, security guards need to renew their certification or license, to ensure continuous learning and improvement of their skills. Finding the right security classes in Miami can help.


Security classes

If you’re in Florida, you’ll need to enroll in a class G security guard license, which would require you to put in about 28 hours of classroom training. The training must be conducted by a licensed weapons instructor. In addition, the classes must be offered by a firearms training school that’s been licensed by the state.


Finding the right one

There are plenty of schools that could provide you with the training you need. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider before you pick a school:

*     Location. You’ll need to be on-site especially for shooting practice. Is the location accessible to you? If you’re going to commit to the training, you’ll want to pick a school that’s near your work or home. That way, you’ll have no problem making it to class.

*     Consider credentials. Is the training staff trained, with the proper qualifications to carry out the course? You’ll want to learn from experts to ensure you get the training you need.

*     Cost. Ask about the cost. Take a look at what other classes offer. This can help you find the best security classes in Miami at the best rates.

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