Relocation Moving Company Specialists

There are moving companies than there are relocation moving company specialists! The difference between a moving company and a relocation company is the difference between apples and oranges. While they both move items from one place to another that is where the similarity ends.  A relocation company offers the most needed services to ensure a smooth transition from one location to the next.  The difference is in the superior services that are provided by the specialty company that offers relocation services.  The term moving company can be used rather loosely and it is often used by a couple of men with a truck that would like to make some extra money. A relocation service has had to earn the title by providing professional services that are never confused with just moving.

What to Expect
Since the difference is all about the services you should expect an impressive menu of services if you are considering a relocation company as opposed to just a moving company. You should expect:
*A designated relocation coordinator
*Blanket wrapped furniture moves
*Climate controlled storage facilities
*Complete packing or partial packing services

A relocation service should offer a “concierge” that will follow your move from the time you call for a quote until your stuff is safely delivered.  Your furnishings should be fully protected from bumps and bangs with blankets. There should be climate controlled storage facilities if needed and packing services should also be available. Of course the right firm would have the necessary insurances in place “just in case”.  A fully insured, experienced relocation company makes a transition seem like a lot less of an issue because their services are offered after years of experience in the industry.

It is Not Too Much Too Ask
When you are dealing with a professional relocation service they will do everything in their power to ensure that your move is smooth and easy. Expecting superior services should never be too much to ask from a professional company that specializes in relocation. The only grumbles you will hear is from a company that has not had the experience to provide the services that you should expect. The right company will have a history of providing top of the line relocation services. They will be able to reduce the stress of relocation and handle the entire process with grace.  Choose a professional relocation company for your move!

Colonial Van Lines is the relocation moving company that offers a menu of most wanted, helpful services. Call today for your free quote!


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