Reasons Why You May Need Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia

The word “sewer” refers to the system of pipes that carries waste water away from your home to a water treatment facility. Waste water is categorized as black water, which is flushed from toilets, and gray water, which comes from all other indoor sources, including sinks, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. A sewer system may also include surface run-off, depending on the type of sewer system it is. In order for a sewer system to function properly, it will need regular cleaning and maintenance. Read further to learn more about Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia.

One problem that can occur inside a sewer system is root growth. Trees depend on large roots for support and a vast system of smaller roots for nutrition. A root system can extend in length several times the height of a tree. Roots get into sewer lines because they seek moisture. Small roots can be attracted by the moisture seeping from a fissure in a pipe. When the tiny root enters the pipe, it continues to grow and divide until it becomes a large clump that blocks the drain and collects any solid matter, including toilet paper.

Blockages are generally treated with a mechanical removal tool or a chemical product or both. Root growth in a sewer line can be removed with motorized blades that break up the solid matter into small pieces that can flow on through the pipes. A chemical product can then be introduced into the sewer line on a recurring basis to deter any further growth.

A build-up of grease can also create a blockage in a sewer line. When grease is poured down a kitchen sink, especially animal fat of any kind, it will collect and solidify in the cool temperature underground. It will eventually harden and calcify, becoming very difficult to remove. In freezing temperatures, it is almost impossible. To remove grease build-up, a plumber will use high-pressure washing, which may need to be repeated.

If you suspect that your sewer line is backed up, you may want to have it inspected. Some plumbers do this with a video camera, giving a live view of the interior of the pipe. You can Visit City Plumbing to get more information about Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia.


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