Qualities You Should Look for in a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

The National Floor Safety Institution says falls account for as much as 8 million visits to the ER every year, with slip and fall accidents making up about 1 million of those visits. That’s 12 percent of all total falls.

If you find yourself suffering from a bad tumble down the stairs while you’re on the job or in somebody else’s property, whether residential or commercial, you’ll need to determine first if the accident was your fault or of someone else’s. If it’s the latter, then you can file for a claim. You’ll need the help of a slip and fall lawyer in Atlantic City before you proceed.

However, it can be difficult to find the right legal help. Here’s a list of qualities you should look for before you hire one:

Courtroom experience
Choose lawyers who have a good record in settling cases in court. A slip and fall lawyer in Atlantic City doesn’t get that kind of record, unless one is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled enough to get it. That kind of lawyer is in the best position to win your case.

Experience is good. But not just any experience would do, though. There are plenty of personal injury lawyers out there. Make sure you choose someone who has experience dealing with slip and fall cases. Experience breeds familiarity and that can be an advantage in court.

Legal know-how
The right lawyer will know what forms to file, what legal measures to take and what the latest developments in your case will mean. A good lawyer will provide you with all the legal support and information you need.

So don’t just go with any personal injury lawyer out there. If you want to give your case the legal advantage it needs, hire a lawyer with these qualities.


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