Qualities of a Good Automotive POS System

Point of Sale, or POS, systems are used in auto repair shops across the country. They help provide customer service to a repair business. There are many traits an automotive POS system should have, some of the more important qualities are highlighted below.

Vehicle History

Auto repair POS software should be able to store a car’s vehicle history. If a repair shop has a loyal customer base, it is necessary to keep records and information safe and accessible. The software should allow the mechanic to pull up information from previous years to the present day. The history should be easy to read and easily inputted.


The invoicing, estimates, and quotes should also be a strong suit of a good POS system. The invoices provided should be easy to produce and to read. It should look professional and should have software that will allow it to be stored for numerous years. The estimates and quotes should follow the same attributes. All paperwork should look uniform once produced. Even better, the accounting system should be able to have easy incorporation of outside accounting software.


The POS system should also be able to track the sales made on a daily basis. It should give you the option to track the sales by employee and as a group. The sales should be easy to decipher by the user. The software that is used should also allow you to see any sales areas that are lacking and allow you to pinpoint how much money is lost by not address the gap.


A quality POS system should allow you to enter the database from anywhere and from any mobile device. If you are away for business, it should not be a hassle to access important information that you would need to track daily. Using a laptop, tablet or mobile device should all be simple to use and the POS software should look the same throughout all devices.


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