Paving Contractors Can Deliver A Smooth Driveway Or Parking Lot

Are you interested in improving the look of your driveway or parking area? Is your current asphalt cracked or crumbling? Paving Contractors can install a smooth driveway to a home which will increase its value. If a parking lot in a business has potholes or is crumbling, it can turn potential customers away or cause injury to someone who trips on uneven pavement. The main reason asphalt cracks is when proper maintenance hasn’t been performed. Asphalt needs to be sealed after installation and should have yearly maintenance inspections for any type of wear. Small cracks can be properly sealed to eliminate water from entering and causing further damage.

Proper installation is the key to a pavement’s long life. The base must be properly leveled and prepared. Proper drainage must be installed, so water doesn’t accumulate under the asphalt causing it to sink. Asphalt can also be used over concrete that has been cracked due to the weather conditions. Some asphalt areas can be improved by milling the top surface and installing new asphalt. This is often done on roadways and parking lots. Paving Contractors can recommend the best solution for any customer. Asphalt has the same smell as tar but is not the same.

Chip sealing is another service pavers can offer. It can extend the life of the pavement and has the same makeup as asphalt and concrete. This is a very affordable way to maintain a road, driveway or parking lot. A layer of hot asphalt is sprayed onto the roadway, and then small chips are applied. The chips become compacted as they’re driven over, and they adhere to the surface for a solid bond. This type of paving doesn’t require crack sealing being performed which saves a great deal of money. In addition, chip sealing prevents moisture from entering the surface of the road.

If you’re interested in improving the driving or parking surface of any area, Teague’s Asphalt Paving can help. They offer sound and affordable solutions with their family owned and operated business. They will make sure the job goes smoothly and will be there from beginning to end.


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