Misdiagnosed Illness? Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Junction City, KS to Get Compensation

Emergency rooms do not treat patients on a first come first serve basis. A triage nurse determines which patients are the sickest and need to be treated faster. When a patient arrived during flu season with extreme nausea and chills, she quickly assumed that he had the flu. She ignored his protest that he had severe stomach pain. In fact, the nausea and pain was a sign of a ruptured appendix. After waiting several hours to be seen, the patient collapsed. He was finally rushed into surgery. He did survive, but lost his spleen. He hired a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Junction City KS to represent him.

Spleens are an important part of a person’s immune system. There are doctors who believe that losing a spleen can reduce a person’s lifespan by as many as 10 years. He can expect to experience far more illnesses throughout his life because of his missing spleen. The Medical Malpractice Lawyer Junction City KS filed a lawsuit against the nurse claiming that the nurse should have taken the patient’s abdominal pain more seriously. He also filed a claim against the hospital that they should have staffed the emergency room better. The busy nurse didn’t have time to take a complete medical history. The insurance company claimed that the nurse arrived at a reasonable diagnosis, even though it was the wrong diagnosis.

The Medical Malpractice Lawyer Junction City KS brought in medical experts to review the case. They found that abdominal pain is not a normal flu symptom. The nurse should have realized that the man was suffering from another illness. Doctors that specialize in the immune system agreed that the person would be far more likely to get sick and face much higher medical costs, because of the loss of his spleen. They also say if he had received prompt attention, the surgeons might have saved his spleen. Once the insurance company saw the case the lawyer developed, they decided to settle the case out of court. The Oleen Law Firm is one of the legal practices in Junction City that represents patients who had their illnesses misdiagnosed. They do not charge to review the case. Visit website to know more.







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