Medication Management for the Elderly

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Assisted Living


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As humans age, our bodies change over time. Some of the changes are physical, such as aches or pains. Others may not be, such as the way our bodies respond to medications. Body weight can also affect the length of time that medication stays in your body as well as how much medication you should take. Part of elderly care in Port St. Lucie, FL, is medication management. We’ll explain some tips for keeping on track below.

Set Regular Reminders

When you forget to take medication that you need, it can have an effect on the way your body works. It’s an excellent idea to have an alarm to remind you that it’s time to take your medications. You could also make a calendar or leave yourself notes if that works better for you. It’s also a good idea to keep track of when you will need refills. Taking your pills at the same time every day may make things easier.

Sort Pills Ahead of Time

If you are required to take more than one medication, it’s best to sort your pills into some sort of daily reminder boxes. You can organize them by day, which helps remind you if you have taken your medications yet or not. If you notice that there are still pills in today’s box, you know that you haven’t taken them and should do so.

Schedule Doctor Appointments Early

Part of modern elderly care in Port St. Lucie, FL, is making sure to get in to see your doctor when needed. You never know when symptoms will change, or a medication will need to be switched. Having frequent contact with your medical team is important to address any concerns as soon as they come up.

Arrange for Pill Delivery or Pickup

Just remembering to take medication can be a struggle, but it’s also crucial that you remember to get your prescriptions filled on time. If you forget a prescription is ready, you may end up missing a few days of the medication. That’s why you should mark your calendar to order your prescriptions early. If it’s hard for you to get to the pharmacy, see if you can make arrangements to have them delivered to you.

Many residential centers that offer elderly care also provide medication management. To learn more, you can get in touch with us by visiting our website.

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