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The most common roof on a residential building is the three-tab asphalt shingle. One reason to use this product is the low cost of the shingle. Budget versions are available for people who aren’t concerned with warranty issues while better grades can be acquired for high-end installations where the customer requires the roof to last longer. Unfortunately, even best roofers in the Peoria IL area , can’t get more life out of aging asphalt shingles. Age problems occur when the asphalt in the shingle begins to dry. This causes problems such as brittle and wind-torn tabs.To avoid the issues with budget asphalt shingles, Roofers tend to suggest solutions like the laminated shingle or composite shingles.

These are still asphalt based products, but they have an advantage over the three-tab model. That is, these coverings provide thicker, stronger shingles to protect the roof better. The way they do this varies with laminated shingles placing an extra layer of material on the back side of the shingle and composite shingles adding additional material on the top of the tabs. There are actually good reasons for these designs.First, creating thick, laminated shingles provides a product that may not require much intervention from Roofers in Peoria IL, for many decades, typically as long as fifty years. This happens because the shingle is thick and durable.

Laminated products tend to be twice the thickness of regular shingles. This allows them to sit securely and resist heavy winds. Laminated shingles tend to be preferred by people who like unique solutions. The reason for this is the custom patterns that result when placing this type of shingle over a roof. Laminated shingles use random patterns to reduce pattern duplication.Composite shingles take a different approach by placing the extra asphalt on the top of the tabs. Creating a product out of composite layers provides both strength and a certain thickness that gives the material some amazing shadows. This is useful because composite shingles were originally created to simulate the look of slate.

The tiles present such a unique roofing solution that many people prefer them over other roofing options.An emerging possibility that Roofers can use to create a strong roof covering is tiles made from recycled materials. Some tests show these tiles to extremely wind resistant and one of these roofing solutions may eventually replace the current options.

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