While the design of a part or component in any systems is important, particularly for long lasting durability and functioning of the device, equipment or system, it is significantly more critical in medical devices.

These devices are often in place to provide life support for individuals, which means a device component that fails can have a life or death consequence. The purpose of medical industry design and development is to fully test and understand how the device will function in the given operating conditions and what, if any, potential weaknesses are found within the design.

Safety and Durability

Understanding how the entire device functions and how the specific part or component contributes to the overall durability of the device is critical in medical industry design. While there are compliance issues and regulations around materials, design options, and even testing requirements, innovative new equipment and devices require knowledge, expertise and a full understanding of the device and how it is designed to benefit the patient.

Keeping It Targeted

A common issue in designing and developing a new product in the medical field is to attempt to do too much with one device. By working closely with a medical industry design service, this type of drift or expansion of what the device is intended to do can be avoided.

The more complicated and complex a device is, the more costly it is to produce. At the same time, the more components that are involved, the higher the risk of problems, component failures and challenges in maintaining the device. This is a critical factor with implantable or wearable types of medical devices.

While simple is not always better, the least complicated design that still provides the function and feature required is always the best option. With advanced software programs and testing features, testing can be done at each stage of the design, helping to reduce time and costs while ensuring compliance is maintained with applicable standards and regulations.

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