Important Cavity Treatment From Family Dentistry in Wichita

Cavities are common in people of all ages. Even people who believe they are taking good care of their smile can often fall victim to this issue. Cavities are best treated when they are treated early. Unfortunately, many people overlook the signs of cavities and do not seek treatment from Family dentistry in Wichita, By recognizing the signs to look for, this will allow you to know when to call the dentist so your tooth can be treated properly.

The signs of a cavity in your tooth include:

1. Pain when biting down or eating
2. Constant pain that will not go away
3. Increased sensitivity against hot or cold foods, liquids or air
4. White spots on the teeth
5. Dark spots on the teeth
6. Foul breath
7. Damaged teeth

If you have found any of these signs with your teeth, it is crucial you seek treatment from Family dentistry in Wichita. The dentist will need to examine the tooth and then will take some X-ray films so the degree of damage can be determined. This will show how deeply the cavity runs so the dentist will know if the tooth can be saved.

Treating a cavity involves removing the damaged areas first. This is important so damage does not continue. Once these areas are removed, the dentist will fill the tooth. Fillings may be made from composite materials, porcelain and metal alloys. The type needed for your tooth will depend on your age, the damage and where the tooth is located in the mouth.

Once a cavity has been filled, the painful symptoms should stop. In some instances, a root canal may be needed or a crown. Both of these procedures can help to save a tooth that has become severely decayed. In some instances, the only form of treatment will be extraction.

If you believe you have a cavity or need dental treatment, visit They offer a wide array of dental treatments to keep smiles healthy. Contact them today and schedule an appointment so they can examine your tooth. They will do all they can to protect the health of your smile so it stays beautiful. You can visit their Facebook or Google+ page for more information.


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