Ideas for Cremation Services in Riverside CA

Cremation Services in Riverside CA provide an opportunity for friends, colleagues, family members, and loved ones of the deceased to come together and pay tribute to his/her memory. It is a meaningful ceremony that is planned as a way of bidding goodbye to the deceased. Contrary to traditional burial ceremonies, cremation services offer more flexibility for planning and execution. Personal touches can be added to the service, and it can also be customized to showcase the deceased’s personality.

These customizations and personal touches can make the cremation service more meaningfully. It turns the service into a unique event that impacts deeply on all those present. One way to personalize a cremation memorial service is by choice of location. Traditional funeral ceremonies are usually held in a religious institution or the chapel of the funeral home.

Choice of Location

Cremation Services in Riverside CA can be held in almost any location. There are cases where the family chose to hold the cremation service at the deceased’s favorite golf course. Others choose a favorite restaurant or a banquet hall. Some have been held in the backyard of the deceased’s home. Choose a location that resonates with the deceased’s persona and uniqueness.

Musical Selection

A compilation of the deceased’s favorite musical selections can be compiled and played in the background. Copies of it can be burned into CD’s and given to guests as a memento. Another variation is to compile and upload the musical selection to a website. During the service, a card containing the URL information can be given to guests and family members.

Customized Display

The service can be further customized by arranging for a display of beloved family photographs. The display could also contain the deceased’s treasured artworks, personal keepsakes, handicrafts, etc. In some cases, family members and close friends can be asked to select a keepsake to take home. They can be used as a form of remembrance item to keep the deceased’s memory alive.

The favorite flower of the deceased can be used to form floral beads. These can also be sent home with friends and family members as a special form of hand-crafted keepsake.


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