How Does a Car Unlock in Tulsa Work?

If you’ve ever been locked out of your car, you know the kind of stress that can bring. It always seems like you get locked out when you’re in a hurry, when it’s dark outside, or when it’s raining. To get back into your car, you must call a locksmith for a car unlock and hope that they come as quickly as possible. When they show up, they typically take a few minutes to unlock your car at the most. They make the whole thing look very easy; but if it’s so easy, why can’t you do it? How does it work?

How Does It Work?

There are basically two kinds of car unlock in Tulsa. The locksmith can unlock your vehicle by maneuvering into the actual door and unlatching it; alternately, the locksmith can actually pick the lock. A lock is a fairly simple mechanism and hasn’t been much upgraded in the past decade or so. A lock has a series of pins in it called tumblers. The tumblers need to be pushed up to the appropriate height. When all of the tumblers are pushed to their appropriate heights, the door unlocks. The appropriate height is created by the ridges in the key. The bumps on the key push each tumbler into a different place. To pick a lock, a locksmith will individually push the pins up until they click into place.

Slim Jim

At Tulsa Mobile Locksmith, they can do this in a matter of minutes. In an older vehicle, it is even easier to get the pins to the appropriate height. Before they attempt that, they’ll likely attempt to slim jim the door.

A slim jim is a very thin tool used for a car unlock. The slim jim slips between the door and the window. The locksmith uses it to hook a latch inside the door and unlock the car. Visit site for more info about the best car unlock in Tulsa.


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