Hiring Custom Home Builders? 5 Signs It’s a Bad Bet

Contractors for custom-made homes make it possible for you to achieve the look and vibe you’ve always wanted for your house and property. However, ending up with the wrong one could lead to a lot of heartache and stress. You could shell out a lot on a ton of unnecessary costs. Keep your eyes peeled for the following red flags before you hire custom home builders in Pittsburgh:

Lousy reviews

With reviews, you get a look at the customer service experience other clients and customers went through. Bad reviews are a sign that it’s better for you to go for help elsewhere, says the Realtor. Scout around for ones with positive and glowing reviews.

Unlimited time and materials

If the contractors keep insisting on unlimited time and materials, don’t bother hiring them. Spare yourself the time and trouble by looking for contractors who can give you a realistic deadline and can provide you with a flat fee for the project or at least a workable list of bids.

Bad reputation

Reading through those reviews isn’t enough. Do your research and determine the kind of reputation the company enjoys. If they’ve been around long enough, then that’s already plenty of time to establish a reputation—good or bad. If they have complaints lodged against them, you’ll want to consider other options.

Outdated references

Look for custom home builders in Pittsburgh who can provide you with current and up-to-date references. Excellent home builders typically have a constantly growing list of satisfied clients. If their list is about 5 or 10 years old, that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their abilities.

Zero permits

Experienced home contractors get permits before they get started on the job. If your contractor doesn’t seem concerned with permits, that’s a sign that you’re hiring the wrong one.

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