Get Rid of Carpet Odors and Stains with Residential Carpet Cleaning in Bowie

Vacuuming does not deep clean a carpet. Over time pet urine can stain a carpet and cause noxious odors. Gourmet cooks often find that odors from pungent cooking ingredients such as garlic and curry have become embedded in the carpets throughout their home. No matter how much they clean their house, it still smells stale. Residential carpet cleaning in Bowie can fix this situation. Not only can they steam clean the carpets, but they can clean and deodorize furniture upholstery and draperies.

A project manager will meet with the homeowner at the house. He will inspect all of the carpets, upholstery and drapes to be cleaned. He will make special note of antique or fragile materials. He will test the impact of the cleaning solution on a small piece that can’t be seen. Professional carpet cleaners have long-term relationships with many carpet and upholstery manufacturers. This ensures that they stay up-to-date on all of the preferred methods of cleaning. They also understand carpet warranties and know how to protect them.

On the day of the residential carpet cleaning in Bowie the technicians begin by moving all of the furniture from the carpets. Then they pre-treat any visible stains with a strong solution. The steam cleaner uses less water than other systems. It also removes more of the water that is used. This means that the drying time is much shorter than with other methods. Mold and mildew are much less likely to set in. The steam cleaner looks like one that a homeowner could rent at the local hardware store. However, instead of being attached to an electrical outlet in the wall, it is attached to a motor on a truck. This makes it far more powerful.

After the cleaning is complete, the project manager and homeowner will inspect the carpeting and fabric together to ensure that nothing was missed. The technicians will then put all of the furniture back in its original location. ServiceMaster by American Restoration Services is one of the companies in Bowie that sanitizes and deodorizes carpets. Homeowners can visit the website to learn more about their services. They will provide free estimates.


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