Filling A Hole In Wood And Other Garage Door Repairs Phoenix AZ

An untreated wooden garage door is susceptible to damage each time that it is exposed to moisture. If a hole forms in the surface of a garage door, a homeowner can repair it with the following instructions. Once the hole has been filled, a coat of wood sealer can be applied to the door’s exterior to prevent it from becoming damaged again. Routine maintenance can be completed to keep a garage door in great shape and prevent its appearance from becoming ruined.

It is important to close a wooden garage door and secure it before filling a hole in its surface. Wood putty will soften after it is molded between an individual’s hands for a couple minutes. Once the putty is soft and pliable, it can be used to fill damage in wood. Putty may take a couple hours to dry. Anyone who hasn’t used a product like this before can learn more about the drying time that they can expect to wait by reading the back of a package that putty came in.

When putty has hardened, it may need to be sanded if it is uneven with the rest of a garage door’s surface. Once a wooden surface is a level, a door needs to be cleaned with soapy water and a scrub brush. After the soapy water has been eliminated with a stream of plain water, sealer can be added to the wood with a paint roller or paintbrush. The sealer will need plenty of time to dry. While a homeowner waits for this to occur, they need to avoid opening the door that was treated.

After sealer has dried, a door can be opened and closed whenever necessary. The wood will remain damage-free when it is exposed to moist conditions. If any other problems occur with a garage door, Neighborhood Garage Door Service or a similar company can be hired to complete the Garage Door Repairs Phoenix AZ that are needed.

Information about repairs that are provided can be acquired when a new client chooses to Browse the website that belongs to a professional company. A company that provides professional Garage Door Repairs Phoenix AZ will offer services at residences and business.


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